I'm a passionate Thai Bangkaew dog owner, breeder and handler in the Netherlands, where my dogs are pets first.

I specialize in Thai Bangkaew Dogs, a rare breed outside of Thailand that is known for its intelligence, loyalty, and strong bond with its owners.

I've strived to provide the highest standards of quality in breeding
healthy, well-bred pups whose temperament and structure meet the breed standard.

I'm a proud breeder of the 1st CACIB Winner female in the World, 1 European Winner, 3 World Winners, 1 Junior World Winner and Multiple Champions and Junior Champions but most of all much-loved companions, from limited breedings.

I give consults via zoom and phone in puppy training, and behaviour modification specializing in the Thai Bangkaew.

Take a look around and follow my journey with this wonderful breed. I hope you enjoy it.

Sabine van der Zwan.
Roy Hill Bangkaew