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I'm a passionate Thai Bangkaew dog owner, breeder and handler in the Netherlands, where my dogs are pets first.

I specialize in Thai Bangkaew Dogs, a rare breed outside of Thailand that is known for its intelligence, loyalty, and strong bond with its owners.

I've strived to provide the highest standards of quality in breeding
healthy, well-bred pups whose temperament and structure meet the breed standard.

I'm a proud breeder of the 1st CACIB Winner female in the World, 1 European Winner, 4 World Winners, 1 Junior World Winner and Multiple Champions and Junior Champions but most of all much-loved companions, from limited breedings.

I'm a Mindfulness Coach for owners with sensitive animals, building trust and confidence together, consults via zoom and phone possible.

Take a look around and follow my journey with this wonderful breed. I hope you enjoy it.

Sabine van der Zwan.
Roy Hill Bangkaew


It all began at the beginning of 2012 while still living in the UK; three years after losing our old dog, we adopted a dog meat trade rescue from Thailand. I named her Chaya (meaning "Life"). She ignited my passion for the Thai Bangkaew Dog breed. My research started to find a well-bred foundation bitch pup. At first, I turned to Paul Stanton in Sweden for a puppy from his first litter but then decided it would be suitable for the breed in Europe if more lines were imported. I found it in my Thai/Dutch. A&T Hobby Star (Imp. Thailand), a daughter of, MBIS/BISS Thai Ch. Yokthai, and a half-sister to the sensation maker BISS/Thai Ch A&T Hobby Popcorn for winning 6 Royal Cups in 1 week. Star was born in '2012 and stayed there to, hopefully, complete her Thai Championship title. She did this with solid competition, and an RBPIS also had fun in junior handling competitions due to her excellent, sweet temperament. It was such an exciting start, but unfortunately, she damaged her ear after her RCAC win at the World Winner Show '17, so she was unable to be shown again. Nevertheless, she proved to be an excellent foundation, producing from her three litters, her daughter from her 1st litter, a World Winner & 1st CACIB Winner in the World, my beloved Multi Ch. Roy Hill White Lily, JW'16, NJK, BWNL"18, WW'20, the same litter had my darling Dutch Ch. Roy Hill Mamba, JW'16, W'19, and the Swedish Ch Roy Hill Mystic Lotus (exported Sweden), Junior champions, Winner title holders, five different best puppies in breed winners, loved companions sired by Graffiti. 3 1/2 years later, Star had her 2nd litter, a repeat with Graffiti producing my handsome hunk, Roy Hill Ink Master JW'19, and Fin/Lt Ch. Roy Hill North Star (exported Finland). Star, her 3rd beautiful and last litter, sired by King (Honey X Peet Lanna's son), has had no progeny from that litter shown to date by their owners. Star is now retired and lives with a good friend close by. I hadn't intended to buy a male, but with a lack of males available in Europe, my search started for a male and placed myself on the waiting list for a combination that I liked. My dear boy, Graffiti, born in October 2013, is a son of BISS/Thai Ch. Chiangmai's TBK's Funnoi dam is the sibling to the famous MBIS/MBISS/EUW'13/Tripple WW & First Thai Grand Ch. Mitrapab Hero. Graffiti also stayed in Thailand with my handler and a dearly trusted friend Sagulchai Thanadka to complete his Thai Ch title, and did me proud by going Best In Show Specialty Baby. He completed more European titles, BBISS/Thai/Dutch/Rom/It/Hr Ch: Mitrapab Chiangmai's Graffiti, EUJW'14, JW'14, W'14 (Imp. Thailand). Graffiti has only sired three litters in his lifetime, the first Bangkaew litter born in the Czech Republic and two out of Star; sadly, Graffiti died in 2021 after a tragedy he never fully recovered. Thankfully, he left his legacy in his kids and grandkids keeping the flag flying passing on his super true Bangkaew character and winning World Winner titles, Multiple Champions in the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, France and the UK. I started searching for my second foundation bitch to combine the bloodlines that I had already brought to Europe via Star And Graffiti. It wasn't that easy at first. I had purchased the beautiful Thai Ch—Pramai, who was tragically poisoned just before coming to Europe. A few years later, I found it in the 6-month-old pup Honey, born in 2018. BPIS/BPISS/Thai/Dutch Ch. Bangkaew Lanna's Honey (Imp. Thailand). Having admired the Bangkaew Lanna kennel for many years and delighted when Honey was offered to me she was very successful in the Thai show ring winning Best Pup in Show Specialty, Best Pup In Show, Best of Breed and Group wins. She stayed in Thailand to be bred with the #1 male BIS/BISS/Thai Grand/Ph. Grand Ch. Bangkaew Lanna's Peet Lanna and I picked her up in whelp from Thailand in November 2019. This combination produced my outstanding Dutch Ch Roy Hill Splash The Cash, World Winner'21, European Winner'22, Bundesieger'21 VDH-Europasieger'22, Group placer, Dog of the Year Qualifier'22; her daughter Roy Hill Million Dollar Diamond (Blue) is also close to finishing her Dutch Ch title. Honey quickly finished her Dutch Ch title and was Holland Cup Winner'21. Honey's second litter, sired by Ink (Graffiti X Star son), produced the Junior World & BOB Winner, Czech Ch, Roy Hill Splash of Honey (exported Czech Republic) & French Ch. Roy Hill Ringmaster (exported to France). Honey has proved to be an excellent producer not only a star in the show ring; her 3rd litter are still juniors and her kids, Junior Ch. Roy Hill Thai Tiger (exported Croatia) already won multiple Baby Best in Show placements, an adult & puppy group placement and Int/Multi Junior Ch. Roy Hill Wild Honey (exported from Finland) has won multiple Junior Champion titles for its owners. Thank you to the breeders who have entrusted me with my foundations. The owners for choosing a Roy Hill-bred puppy and loving my babies as much as I do. In return, I'm always happy to help. On solid foundations, we build together.

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Dutch Ch. Roy Hill Splash The Cash, WW'21, EUW'22

HD: A, ECVO: Eyes clear

Sire: MBIS/MBISS/Thai Grand/Ph.Grand/Sp. Ch. Bangkaew Lanna's Peet Lanna (#1 Bangkaew in Thailand 19'20'21'22). Dam: BPIS/BPISS/Thai/Dutch Ch. Bangkaew Lanna's Honey (Imp. Thailand) HD: A, Ecvo: eyes clear. Splash imported in Eutero is the double of his famous daddy and I couldn't be more prouder only very lightly shown to date. Splash was originally sold as a pet to Belgium on breeding terms but was returned a day before lockdown, he was going through his puberty stage and they wanted to put him to sleep, thankfully, they contacted me first. The rest is history after ironing out his puberty issues, like trying to catch passing cyclists, he developed into a super fun cheeky chappy that enjoys showing. He is the first Bangkaew group placer in the Netherlands and Dog of the Year Qualifier'22. World Winner'21 Bundessieger '21 Holland Cup Winner'21 '22 European Winner'22 Europasieger'22 Dutch Champion. Splash is the sire of 1 litter with Asia none have been shown by their owners to date.

Dutch Ch. Roy Hill Mamba, JW'16, W'19

HD: A/A, ECVO: Eyes clear

Sire: BBISS/Thai/Dutch/Rom/It/HR Ch. Mitrapab Chiangmai's Graffiti, EUJW'14, JW'14, W'14 (Imp. Thailand) HD: A, ECVO: Eyes clear. Dam: Thai/Dutch Ch. A&T Hobby Star (imp. Thailand) HD: good, ECVO: Éyes clear. My dear Mamba, Dutch Ch. JW'16, W'19 now a veteran only lightly show he is my heart dog with a goofy character you can see him in videos on TikTok

Roy Hill Ink Master JW'19

HD: C, ECVO: Eyes clear

Sire: BBISS/Thai/Dutch/Rom/It/Hr Ch. Mitrapab Chiangmai's Graffiti, EUJW'14, JW'14, W'14 (Imp. Thailand) HD: A, ECVO: Eyes clear. Dam; Thai/Dutch Ch. A&T Hobby Star (Imp. Thailand) HD: good, ECVO: Eyes clear. Ink has only been shown once a year due to other covid and showing the other boys first. Ink was RCAC & BOBJ, JW'19, & has 1CAC/ BOS. Ink is the younger, full brother to Mamba from Graffiti his last litter. Ink is the sire of the BOB & Junior World Winner'21 Czech Ch. Roy Hill Splash Of Honey and French Ch. Roy Hill Ring Master from his first litter shown, his second litter the firstborn Bangkaews in Finland produced the Multi Ch. Franki of Inkie.

Roy Hill Made In Bangkok

HD: A, ECVO: Eyes clear

Sire: BIS/BISS/Thai/Nor Ch. Laitai, EUW'15 (resides in Thailand) Dam: Dutch/Sp Ch. Roy Hill White Lily, JW'16, NJK, BWNL'18, WW'20. Tai my sweet boy, is the only son of my dear Lily available at stud, for this breeding, I travelled to Thailand. Tai has only been lightly shown with a BOBJ, CAC/BOS & CAC/BOB now needing just 2 points to complete his Dutch Championship title. His first litter sired are still juniors and doing very well, his son, Ch. Roy Hill Thai Tiger, has already started making breed history, for being the first Bangkaew, to place Multiple Best Baby In Show, and the youngest to have Puppy and adult group placements, and World Winner'24 & daughter Multiple Ch/Junior/IntJ Ch Roy Hill Wild Honey is also having a fabulous time in the ring with their owners. Tai lives with his co-owners where he is a much-loved family member.

Dutch/Spanish Ch. Roy Hill White Lily, JW'16, NJK,BWNL'18, WW'20

HD: A/A, ECVO: Eyes pra clear

My dear Lily now a veteran has done me proud. The first female in the World to win the CACIB at the World dog show in Madrid'20 (postponed 2022) as an official breed. She is also a Dutch and Spanish Champion and is on her way to still close her other titles started. Lily has only been bred once for this we travelled to Thailand to breed with BIS/BISS/Thai/Nor Ch. Laithai, EUW'14 (BISS/ Thai Ch. Holly son), the litter of, 2 males and my 1 female the World Winner'21/ Dutch Ch. Roy Hill Thai Silk (Asia), NJK, Holland Cup Winner'22 and her son Roy Hill Made In Bangkok (Tai) needs 2 more points to complete his Dutch Championship title.

Dutch Ch. Roy Hill Thai Silk, NJK, WW'21

HD: A, ECVO: Eyes clear

Sire: BIS/BISS/Thai/Nor Ch. Laithai, EUW'15 (resides in Thailand) Dam: Dutch/Sp Ch. Roy Hill White Lily, JW'16, NJK, BWNL'18, WW'20. HD: A. ECVO; Eyes clear. Asia is my beautiful Dutch Ch. Roy Hill Thai Silk, NJK, Holland Cup Winner'22. The only daughter of my dear Lily. Asia has only been lightly shown but is always a very happy and cheerful girl in the ring just like her grandma Thai/Dutch Ch. A&T Hobby Star (Star) enjoys showing and is my naughtiest girl. Asia has been bred once and produced a beautiful litter sired by my World Winner Splash none of the progeny has been shown to date by their owners.

BPIS/BPISS/Thai/Dutch Ch. Bangkaew Lanna's Honey (Imp. Thailand)

HD: A, ECVO: Eyes clear

After a long search for a second foundation bitch it was found in the then 6-month-old pup Honey, she stayed in Thailand to be shown and complete her Thai Championship title and to be old enough to breed with the 1# male in Thailand the famous Peet Lanna. I returned to Thailand in Nov'19 to pick her up in whelp and she produced her 1st stunning litter of 5 this had my World Winner'21 & European Winner'22, Dutch Ch. Splash her daughter Blue is also close to completing her Dutch Ch. title, and her gorgeous son King is waiting in the wings to be shown. Honey her 2nd litter, sired by Ink produced the French Ch. Roy Hill Ring Master and Junior World Winner & BOB '21. Czech Ch. Roy Hill Splash Of Honey, her 3rd litter, sired by Tai are still in junior and already won multiple Junior Champion titles, Best Baby in show placements, and an adult group placement. Honey is line-bred to the famous Triple World Winner MBIS/MBISS/Thai Grand/Swiss/Fin/Rus Ch. Mitrapab Hero. She has done me proud in and out of the whelping box. Honey will be back in the show ring when her coat returns. Thank you to her breeder Bangkaew Lanna in Thailand.

Roy Hill Million Dollar Diamond

ECVO: Eyes clear

Sire: MBIS/MBISS/Thai Grand/Ph Grand/Sp. Ch. Bangkaew Lanna's Peet Lanna (#1 Bangkaew in Thailand 19'20'21'22). Dam: BPIS/BPISS/Thai/Dutch. Ch. Bangkaew Lanna's Honey (imp. Thailand). Blue was imported in utero she has only been to a few shows and has 2 CAC, and 1 RCAC in her pocket despite her not enjoying showing. I'm hopeful with a bit more exposure to the show ring she will start enjoying it more and will be back in the ring when her coat returns. My sweet kissy girl.

The first Thai Bangkaew dog male & female CACIB Winners in the World, at the World Dog Show in Madrid 2020 (postponed June, 2022) as a fully approved FCI breed.

The first Thai Bangkaew dog male & female CACIB Winners in the World, at the World Dog Show in Madrid 2020 (postponed June, 2022) as a fully approved FCI breed.

Judge: Mr Dinky S. Santos (Ph) 🇪🇸 World Winner @ Madrid 2020, CAC/CACIB & BOB 🇪🇸 BOB, CAC/CACIB, RSCE Winner'22 with a BIG2, 🇪🇸 Spanish Champion 🇪🇸 Latin Winner (Sp) 🇪🇸 MBIS/MBISS/Thai Grand/Ph Grand Ch. Bangkaew Lanna Peet Lanna (No.1. 18'19'20'21 in Thailand) ✨ Owner, Nownow Chilee, breeder Bangkaew Lanna, and handlers Pamoth Phommathilath, Sagulchai Thanadka 🇪🇸 World Winner @ Madrid 2020, CAC/CACIB & BOS 🇪🇸 Spanish Champion 🇪🇸 Latin Winner (Sp) 🇪🇸 Dutch Ch. Roy Hill White Lily JW'16, NJK, BWNL'18 (Joint No.1 in the BeNeLux'18). ✨ Owner/breeder/handler (me) Sabine van der Zwan (Netherlands). Pictured left to right are Judge, Mr Dinky Santos, Mr Thana Achariyawan, Pamoth Phommathilath, Sagulchai Thanadka, Sabine van der Zwan (me) and Mr Chakkapan Chantarasmee. A proud moment in history.

Thai Bangkaew dog fully recognised 21, June, 2022

Thai Bangkaew dog fully recognised 21, June, 2022

Very proud day for the FCI A2O SECTION & THAI KC as the FCI General Assembly approves the Thai Bangkaew Dog as a fully recognised FCI breed. Congratulations to all TBD breeders, fanciers and Thai people!

The Thai Bangkaew provisionally accepted 14, April, 2011

The Thai Bangkaew provisionally accepted 14, April, 2011

(Section 5: Asian Spitz and Related Breeds) provisional accepted in 2011 with Judge: Paul Stanton

AKU (Asian Kennel Union) approved Thai Bangkaew Dog during the  Dog Show in Bangkok on 21-22 Jan 2006

AKU (Asian Kennel Union) approved Thai Bangkaew Dog during the Dog Show in Bangkok on 21-22 Jan 2006

A big step for the Thai Bangkaew Dog breed to join the international dog show, and hopefully, it will not be long before FCI will also accept Thai Bangkaew Dog, said Mr Thana, the secretary general of The Kennel Club of Thailand at the time.

How it began

How it began

"Bang Kaew dog breed" has been known for a long time by dog lovers in Thailand. history of origin The study, published in the Veterinary Journal of Kasetsart University, states that most of the information is anecdotal from the current generation. The first ancestors of the Bang Kaew breed of Thai dogs. Born around 1862 and is a cross between a Thai domestic dog and a wild dog or dhole raised by the former abbot of Wat Bang Kaew. However, the Bangkaew dog has been the pet of the villagers of Ban Bang Kaew and nearby sub-districts. Officials of the Department of Livestock Development decided to develop and select species and exhibited them outside the community until Bang Kaew Dog is known to the outside world. Student veterinarian at the time Dr Nisit Trakanpong Former Livestock officer in Phitsanulok Province is known in the Bangkaew dog breeding community as the "Bang Kaew Dog Initiator Dr Nisit", and has written dozens of academic texts on this breed of dog. Revealing the story of making Bang Kaew dogs known began in 1982 or just over 40 years ago. "I'm glad, tell them (cultivators) everyone that the following is not Phitsanulok's dog anymore. It's the dog of Thailand. He's already the dog breed of the world. We must hold on to this that Phitsanulok is the owner of the birthplace. The 80-year-old veterinary told BBC that He went to work in Phitsanulok in 1971. At that time, the Bang Kaew dog breed was only known in Phitsanulok. But in the area, they are known to be good breeds of dogs. The special feature is the "fierce", beautiful shape, and love for the owner he told the newspaper. The student said that who would ask for a Bang Kaew puppy to adopt? Must be exchanged for 1 box of ammunition. "In 1971, it was a forest. The car was difficult to get to. We had to go by boat. It's hard to get a dog. There was no trading at that time. Exchange for a shotgun 300 baht per dog." Dr Nisit said that when becoming a provincial livestock officer, therefore, I wanted to conserve the species of Bang Kaeo. He and the district livestock officers so they went to explore the village. At that time, the village where the Bang Kaew dog was found. stand out as Baan Chum Saeng Songkhram. The sub-district is not far from Ban Bang Kaeo. Dogs were brought to the contest for the first time in the Naresuan Maharat and Red Cross Fair of Phitsanulok in 1980, two years later when the budget was received from the province. Thus began the selection and development of the breed. as well as searching for good quality breeders Registered until it is the origin of another point where the Bang Kaew dog breed is known since then. The vet said that at that time The officers surveyed the village. To find 25 males, 70-80 females that were registered for breeding records. "At Chum Saeng Songkhram We made an appointment to bring the dogs together. We walked to see the dogs in the village, selecting, this one shouldn't be bred. Catch it. Take only what it looks like in colour and markings that was our first criteria. It is considered that Chum Saeng Songkhram, Village No. 2, is the group that helps Bang Kaew dogs to prosper." As for the popularity of the Bang Kaew dog, Dr Nisid told the Newspaper that when it was exhibited at the Red Cross event for the first time, “There were so many interested people that they can't buy a puppy. to buy a dog breeder then buy one 10,000-20,000 baht" The turning point of Bang Kaew dog breeds occurs when "Fierce" can't be sold. "Upright ears, thick fur, bushy tail, pointed mouth" is a distinctive feature of the Bangkaew dog said the Student to the newspaper, it's different from other Thai dogs in general. Bangkaew breeding market in the first phase Buyers usually take Bang Kaew to watch over the farm. Even in the southern region, they still travel to Phitsanulok, but their "fierceness" of Bang Kaeo has begun to decline in popularity. "In 1995, the fierceness began to not sell. Therefore, we have selected the dogs that are not fierce," said the Vet, and said that that year, he began to educate the breeders. Mainly looking at the breeder to develop the Bangkaew breed to become tamer. At the age of 80 years, he said that the Bangkaew puppy breeding industry has changed. Some experts have a lot of knowledge. And what will make this breed of dog famous next is the breeding that is technically correct. “Don't worry about anything, the breed is fine. The rules are written according to the breed standard. Do not distort the standard itself. will make us live forever.” Samart Singtothong, President of the Thai Bangkaew Kennel Club, Thailand and the owner of the farm in Phitsanulok province said that at present in the Bangkaew dog breed, there are farms in almost every province across the country. Moreover, the body of knowledge can be accessed through many channels, but nowadays in Phitsanulok itself. The number of farms was greatly reduced. Due to the age of the farm owner and the economic situation Samart, who owned the dog at the European Championships in Belgium in 2015, said that before the Bangkaew breed was certified as a World Dog. There is a temporary registration certificate that allows them to be exported abroad and to compete. He saw that being registered had a beneficial effect on Thailand, similar to having a copyright that other countries could not take away. "The main purpose of Bang Kaew in the past that made it popular was to take care of the house Because, in the past, Bang Kaeo was very fierce and famous for their loyalty. We evolved that way. in order not to be mentally aggressive, when competing, the judge must check teeth, and testicles in males, look at the structure, and if unable to touch him, threaten him, he will be kicked out of the ring. But now, Bang Kaew has a much better temperament. able to compete for top honours".

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